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Papas Cupcakeria

Papas Cupcakeria - Bake the best cupcakes in town all year round in Papas Cupcakeria!You'll need to choose baking cups, add batter, watch the oven, and decorate your cupcakes with a variety of frosting and toppings.As you level up and gain new customers, you will notice the seasons changing in the town of Frostfield, along with new holiday celebrations!Help your customers get in the holiday spirit with seasonal clothing, furniture, and a new set of unlockable seasonal toppings for each holiday.Work your way through each holiday season to unlock over 100 ingredients, and become a cupcake-crafting master! Use your mouse to take orders, add gooey batter, bake cupcakes, and add frosting and toppings for each customers order. Papas Cupcakeria spiele,spielaffe,Papas Cupcakeria anziehen, Papas Cupcakeria schminken,kostenlos, Papas Cupcakeria pc, coole Papas Cupcakeria spiele, Papas Cupcakeria für kinder,kostenlos downloaden,Papas Cupcakeria classic spielen,ohne anmeldung,Papas Cupcakeria spielen

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